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Mini LED wall washer
led flood light outdoor series
The mini LED Wall washer have a big range series. Also named Digital LED tube, And LED Contours lamp,Outdoor LED rigid bar, IP65 LED line rigid bar,The series used for outdoor, And city lighting, Use for Bridge, Building, Part, Garden, Landscape lighting.

The power from 3W-24W, also we can production for Customizing, And we can produced:0.3meter, 0.5meter, 1meter, The LED color is: White, Nature white, Warm whtie, Gold yellow color,Red, Green,Blue, RGB, 6channel 36LED TTL control system, 8channel 48LED TTL control system, 16channel 48LED TTL control system, 8channel 36LED DMX512 control system, 16channel 48LED DMX512 control system.
    Our company also can be service with our customer for project, And we can supply ALL the DMX512 and TTL system, We can Meet the requirements of various customers, We can go to customer's Construction site for guidance installation,  Also we can supply all the accessory, As like, DMX512 controller, TTL RGB controller, DC 24V power supply.
    We alway wish building a nice cooperation with our customers.